Baby Brent’s, Baby Brent

**I apologize if anyone was offended by this post.  I’ve updated the pictures to be suitable for all audiences.

So when I returned from vacation Baby Brent had a new addition. Honestly, I was quite impressed.

Brent’s penis hung out on him for a couple weeks and when I finally removed it the oil from the clay had seeped into the wood base, so now there’s a little stain where the tip gently rested for several weeks. There was mention that Andy Samberg was actually going to be coming by the studio soon, I’ll ask him to sign the penis stain if he does swing by. Its been tough to get back into the groove of working on him, but I am committed to finishing him and starting another. Also since the addition of the arcade cabinet which contains any arcade game you can imagine on it and unlimited credits in the game room with the 360, its been difficult to focus-Oh, and all the hard work that Sony actually pays me to do. I’ll update everything as soon as I have more progress.


PS…I know…Resident Evil 5, it was only a rental.

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