Behemoth Animation Process Video

Hi!  I just published what could only be described as the most boring video on the internet.  Its a 12 minute long recording of me animating for 4 days.

I had two reasons for making this video:

1. Test out some recording software.

2. Create a process video of my workflow for anyone who might be interested.

The recording software I used is called FFSplit.  Get it here for free–>

FFSplit is a great program.  Its light weight and very customizable.  It didn’t impact my work and a lot of the time I forgot it was even running.

Its not the most amazing piece of animation, but I recommend recording yourself animating some time because its really cool to look back and see how it starts as a static model and how over time it slowly comes to life.

Thanks for checking it out and let me know if you have any questions.