Behemoth Animation Process Video

Hi!  I just published what could only be described as the most boring video on the internet.  Its a 12 minute long recording of me animating for 4 days.

I had two reasons for making this video:

1. Test out some recording software.

2. Create a process video of my workflow for anyone who might be interested.

The recording software I used is called FFSplit.  Get it here for free–>

FFSplit is a great program.  Its light weight and very customizable.  It didn’t impact my work and a lot of the time I forgot it was even running.

Its not the most amazing piece of animation, but I recommend recording yourself animating some time because its really cool to look back and see how it starts as a static model and how over time it slowly comes to life.

Thanks for checking it out and let me know if you have any questions.


2015, Evolve, & the future!

This seems to be a trend, updating my blog about once a year.  The last year has been crazy, to say the least.  Shipped Evolve on February 10th 2015, but not before winning both E3 and Gamescom Best in Show 2014!  (That’s never been done, by the way)

But all good things must come to an end and I’m making the next move in my career.  I don’t want to say what it is just yet, but I’ll put it this way…my future is looking blue with a healthy dose of orange and gray. 😉

Before I blab on for too long I’m going to be posting my Evolve reel very soon, hopefully by the end of the week.  Consolidating everything that I did for almost 4 years has taken a long time and I think results in a very interesting look into my first 4 years as a Game Developer.

In the meantime here’s a sneak peak at Daisy’s walk cycle: