I’m still here!

Wow, its been a year and what a year its been.  I left Sony Imageworks in the spring of 2011(miss the people, not the politics) and found a kickass studio down in Orange County.  I can’t say what exactly I’m doing down at Turtle Rock, but trust me….its awesome.  I’m working in 3ds Max and the game engine we’re using is Cryengine 3.  Thats about all I can say, but the job is perfect.  Its just the right mix of creative and technical, I figured out Max in about 3 weeks and now I’m rigging and animating like a maniac.

I plan to post an updated reel soon, and do some posts about film vs. games.  What I can definitely say right now is that in film its about YOUR shot.  Do people laugh when they watch YOUR shot, are people impressed by YOUR shot, is YOUR shot the best shot in a sequence?  At Turtle Rock (won’t speak for all game companies, because this place is one of a kind) its about the game.  You have your parts that go into it, but if the game isn’t fun or satisfying for the player it doesn’t matter if you just animated the next coming of Jesus.  Now its about the project, its about the team, its about working hard to collectively create something people will want to play.  Never got this feeling from film.

I’ll be back soon, life’s a bit crazy, but I have some new animations from last year that I’d like to upload and share.

Hey 2012, lets do this.


4 thoughts on “I’m still here!

  1. Awesome to see you posting again! i’d been curious as to what you were up to lately.. sounds like everything is going great man. Looking forward to more details 😉

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