Red Fog

Do you like Zombies?  Sure you do, how about graphic novels and supporting independent artists?  I knew it.

Red Fog is a graphic novel developed by a good friend and colleague of mine, Chris Williams.  He’s teamed up with artist Mike Docherty and editor D.J. Kirkbride to create an awesome 150 page book filled with “Allied soldiers battling tons of zombies.” Need I saw more?

Together Chris and Mike bring a wealth of combined film and comic book experience.  Chris has an extensive resume of major Hollywood films including the Spider-Man Trilogy and most recently Alice In Wonderland.  Mike brings over 30 years of comic book and storyboarding experience, working for many amazing companies including Marvel, Warner Bros, and Sony.

Chris is using a service called Kickstarter to help raise the funds needed to complete the project.  Its a pretty cool idea, you pledge to donate a certain amount from $20 to $500+.  And with each set increment you get cool stuff in return.  So as an example: if you pledge to give the project $40 you’ll receive a printed copy of “RED FOG” signed by the creators with your name included in the acknowledgments.  Seems pretty awesome, you get a book full of cool artwork signed by the artists and your name is printed as being part of the reason it even exists!

Now if you’re still on the fence about this Chris has given me the go ahead to release a handful of exclusive, hi-res images to wet your zombie appetite for human flesh!

Check out the gallery for ultra high resolution (new desktop wallpaper for sure) images:


If you want to be a part of this project and help Chris make this book a reality then head on over to the Red Fog Kickstarter page and pledge your support!

Kickstarter page:

Facebook page:!/pages/Red-Fog/135727629785128

I’ll be back soon with some new animation type stuff to talk about.  I’ve been working on a fight animation, wanted to use it as an opportunity to talk about planning from thumbnails to finished animation.  I’ll post something soon!


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