I’ve got nothing, but these guys have something…

Seems like to have a blog you must start every post with an apology about how you’re not posting enough.  Well, no apologies from me…I’ve been way too busy.  Just to keep you coming back…I got a new laptop and have started moving towards actually creating some of my own animated ideas.  Been playing with pixel animation, traditional, and boring old cg.  I’ll post some stuff as soon as I make something remotely interesting.

I do have some blogs to pass along while I’m here:

All of these guys are animators/supervisors at Tippett Studio in Berkeley, CA.  Most recently completing work on Eclipse and Cat & Dogs 2.  I’ve added their links over on the sidebar so in the future you can keep checking them out.

Jim Brown


Geoff Wheeler


William Groebe


Tom Gibbons



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