oh hey, I have a blog…

Hello legions of internet followers! Here’s a grab bag of stuff to satisfy your hunger for all things awesome and keep you busy until I can post about the movie I’m currently working on.

Two good animator friends have recently arrived in Japan to animate for about 6 weeks on a project I cannot say anything about. Melissa Hawkins and Emily Rule seem to be working hard and having a good time, or at the very least trying every weird snack they can get their hands on. Watch as they explore Tokyo, eat food, and buy cute things!



I received a few comments about people liking my dumb drawings, so for the 3 people out there that actually care I’ve scanned some of my recent doodles for your viewing pleasure.

(I didn’t watermark or alter these images, if you use them for anything or share them, please give me credit. If I find these on a t-shirt or something without my permission, I will hunt you down and make you eat said t-shirt.)

All images, copyright David Gibson 2010

Hope everyone is having an amazing 2010 so far! Look for updates about Arthur Christmas coming soon!



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