Cloudy Animation Reel!

well, I finally got my reel put together and working on the youtubes.  I hope you like it, enjoy!

If you just can’t get enough, there’s more!  Fellow Cloudy animators:

Alan Hawkins

Kim Hazel

Matt Munn

David Stodolny

4 thoughts on “Cloudy Animation Reel!

  1. And thanks to replying to my other post, much obliged! So was I right also about playing off of straights & curves when animating extremities like the legs in the jello trampoline or arms in any “scared-running-away-by-the-towns-people” scene? Lol

  2. NIce work man! LOve the editing and the beat.

    One critic about acting, you nail a little bit to munch on the words, you try more sloppyness, to i look more real acting than theatre, a good book I recommand is: Acting For the Camera. Great tips on realistic acting that aplly 100% on animation!

    Cheers man

    Great skills!

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