Baby Brent Sculpt

When I wrapped on Cloudy I was presented with a lot of free time so I decided to sculpt Baby Brent. I was pretty bummed that Sony hadn’t created any maquettes for Cloudy, the character designs were so fun that I wanted to try my hand at recreating one with clay. I don’t claim to be any good at this its just an exercise in creativity.

I chose Baby Brent (voiced by Andy Samberg) he was once the poster boy-uh, baby, for the sardine canning company in Swallow Falls. He’s since grown up, but he still clings to his fame even tearing off his clothes in public to reveal his adult sized man diaper. There was one shot that stood out to me in the film that I really felt nailed his attitude and would make a fun and interesting subject to sculpt. I don’t think the image has been released, so you’ll just have to use your imagination and squint really hard in the background in the more recent photos to see the specific shot I’m referencing.

I started by creating an internal structure using armature wire and aluminum foil. I don’t take credit for this approach, this is how its typically done. After I nail down what I feel are the correct proportions and trim the wire to fit the pose I start to layer on clay. This step was pretty easy with Brent because he’s just a giant baby man ball.


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